Easy New File 1.3 (Mac OS X)
Easy New File 4.3 macOS | 10 MB


Easy New File is a finder extension which adds some functions in right click menu in the Finder

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Librarian Pro 3.3.1


Librarian Pro 4.0.5 | macOS | 39 mb


We all collect something, whether it's stamps, movies, games, music, books or wine. Librarian Pro brings sophistication and class to managing your collection! Browse all of your items at a glance on a virtual bookshelf, in a list, or in cover flow.


Homepage: http://www.koingosw.com/products/librarianpro/

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Purgatory Design Intaglio 3.9.5 Multilangual macOS | 11.2 MB

Intaglio is traditional Mac drawing with the power of Mac OS X. Since the early days of MacDraw, Macintosh has always had powerful and easy to use drawing software. With the introduction of Mac OS X, the graphics capabilities of the Mac expanded considerably. Intaglio carries the legacy of MacDraw into the modern Macintosh world by combining ease of use with the power of Mac OS X graphics. Intaglio retains the feel of MacDraw while harnessing the full capabilities of Quartz and CoreImage. Old timers soon feel right at home and those new to Mac drawing pick it up quickly. Don’t take our word for it.


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OmniPlan 3.0.2 Multilingual (Mac OS X)
OmniPlan Pro 3.10.1 Multilingual macOS | 75 MB

OmniPlan is designed to help you visualize, maintain, and simplify your projects. Break down tasks, optimize the required resources, control costs, and monitor your entire plan—all at a glance. Collaborate with your colleagues and share every detail, update a calendar with your days off, or mix and match. Accept and reject changes one-by-one or all in one go.

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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 9E

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 9E | macOS | 359 mb


SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 9 adds new functions that were highly desired in addition to the rich features of SILKYPIX so far. Main new functions are "Dehaze function", "individual adjustment of Highlight / Shadow", "lens profile function" and so on. Extending and improving existing functions further improved operability and convenience. This product is RAW development software for professional.


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CADintosh X 8.4



CADintosh X 8.4.2 | macOS | 46 mb


CADintosh is a 2D-CAD program for technical and architectural drawings. You will benefit from professional and well thought-out features for all your design requirements.


Homepage: http://www.lemkesoft.de/en/products/cadintosh/

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MarsEdit 4.2.1

MarsEdit 4.2.1 | macOS | 18 mb


MarsEdit is a blog editor for OS X that makes editing your blog like writing email, with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and even AppleScript support.

It works with with most blog services including WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Movable Type, TypePad, and many others.


Homepage: http://red-sweater.com/marsedit/

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Elmedia Player Pro 6.11 (1419)



Elmedia Player Pro 6.13 (1435) Multilingual | macOS | 48 mb


Elmedia Player is a video and audio player that will play virtually any file you throw at it, be it FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, DAT, MKV, MP3, FLAC, M4V or any other common format. No need for additional codecs, plugins – this app has everything you need for your files playback.


Homepage: http://mac.eltima.com/media-player.htm

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Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.0.962 macOS | 85 Mb

Understand is a static analysis tool for maintaining, measuring, & analyzing critical or large code bases. From metrics and graphs to dependency analysis, Master your source code with Understand.

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TotalFinder v1.10.1 (Mac OS X)
 TotalFinder 1.11.3 macOS | 6 MB
TotalFinder adds tabs, hotkeys, and other tweaks to the Mac OS X Finder.
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